What I would really like to say to Ann Romney

Hi Ann,
       I’m just a regular person out here in regular America. I heard you said you understand what it’s like to struggle.  I want to call ‘BS’. Really Mrs. Romney? Because you had to suffer through a couple of tuna casseroles? There are people out here who are lucky if they can feed their children one meal a day every week, there are women out here trying to figure out how to pay for that doctor visit and keep the lights on, many of them working 2 and 3 jobs just to keep a roof over the family’s head. Sports? Forget it! That’s a luxury that’s not even close to affordable. Your husband wants to be President, and that’s great, but he’s not just trying  to be President of a yacht club or the golf association, this is the United States where Lady Liberty used to welcome immigrants with her torch and words of comfort for the weary. Our  country is made up of all sorts of amazing people, many that aren’t white, the majority of which are not privileged,many who are not Christian, and a pretty big handful who are agnostic or even atheist. Have you ever even been to an inner city? Have you ever visited a soup kitchen? Homeless shelter? Latch key program? When you are forced by circumstance to visit a regular store, like Costco for example, do you notice the cashier? Or are you one of those that acts like it’s not a human being ringing up your purchases, and God help ’em if they make a mistake?  Did you notice the homeless people when you came to Michigan? Did you know our Republican governed thew 40,000 people off welfare last year? In October? In Michigan?!? Luckily, we had a mild winter, so not many people froze to death, but we people know that’s what your husband is proposing to do if he gets elected, that and kick a bunch of kids of medical insurance.  Please spare us from saying you know what it’s like to struggle out here. Yes, you have had some tough breaks health wise, and that sucks, but you didn’t exactly have to worry if you could afford your medication without losing your home.
A Michigan Auto Worker

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Wow, guess I’m starting a blog…..

Hello you:)
For anyone reading this, bear with me–I am not a writer:) I decided to sign up for this because the last year has made me increasingly outraged by the theocrats who have taken over the GOP…..these are no longer the conservatives of yesterday, the ones who supported pro-choice (because it would help keep people off welfare) who agreed with birth control for the same reason, people who were above disrespecting the President of the United States, even if they disagreed with the policies he put forth….and it didn’t start with Obama, it started with William Jefferson Clinton.
I am sorry to see the state of the GOP, I miss having clear debates about why their policies don’t work, and hearing how Democratic policies are too liberal, and reasons why, not that I am a danger to the nation and am godless, and evil, and a fascist….or communist….or socialist…..
I miss arguing with people who knew the meaning of facist, socialist, and communist…and possibly read Stalin or Marx, and could broaden my understanding of my own political stance, either causing me to hold tighter to them, or see a different point of view on them. I don’t talk to too many Republicans anymore, because most of the time I am confronted with a closed mind and open mouth, and that’s not fun for anyone. Ok, enough for my first musing…thanks for stopping by:)
P.S. thank the Gods/esses for spell check:)

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